【Pokemon card】About card of Snow Hazard Clay Burst


Good morning. This is Takeru Yamano.
The new set, Snow Hazard Clay Burst, has finally been released. With numerous powerful cards included, the game environment has drastically changed since its initial release.
While versatile cards and ex cards tend to dominate, there are also plenty of interesting cards with unique effects for non-ex Pokémon.
Therefore, this time, I would like to introduce personally noteworthy cards with peculiarly strong effects.

“Wings of Unity” Theme Deck

“Wings of Unity” Theme Deck

This is a new theme deck for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In the previous set, only one type of Wattrel was included, which left players wanting more. But with this new set, two new companions have been added: Murkrow and Flamigo.
Murkrow can be used with the attack "Wings of Unity" for just one Dark Energy card. Skarmory, when placed on the bench, allows the player to search for multiple copies of itself.
With Flamigo’s ability, players can secure high damage output early on in the game. Later on, in the mid-game, Murkrow's type advantage against Lightning and Dark type Pokémon allows it to deal around 200 damage per attack. By including Ditto, the maximum damage output can reach 240.
This theme deck has a quick and high cost-performance reminiscent of the old "Night March" theme deck. However, its attackers have low HP, making it vulnerable to being Knocked Out.
Personally, I don't think it's necessary to include a full set of Unity Wings. Instead, it might be worth considering combining high durability Pokémon, like Dondozo, with Pokémon that can deal damage that can take advantage of opponents' weaknesses, like Lugia and Gardevoir.



Glimmora is a Pokémon with a very vicious ability that prevents the opponent from taking advantage even if they faint and get a heads on a coin flip.
With high HP of 130 and a 6x poison move, it forces the opponent to switch out their Pokémon, making it a very tricky card to deal with. To keep Glimmora on the battlefield, it's best to include more Klara and Zoroarks in the deck.
Also, it's necessary to watch out for countermeasures like Ting-Lu EX, which can penetrate Glimmora ability (by applying damage before triggering its fainted condition), especially card like “Path to the Peak”
If you're facing a Garnite EX, its Miracle Force move can automatically recover from poison, so it's important to have a good strategy to deal with it.



Previously, a card featuring Maushold had the ability to deal damage based on the number of Maushold in play, at a rate of 70 damage per Maushold.
However, a new Maushold card has been introduced that can scatter its attack to all opposing Pokémon for damage equal to the number of Maushold in play, up to a maximum of 280 damage and 40 scatters, making it a versatile addition to many different decks.
Although this may seem overwhelmingly strong, there are several challenges to using Maushold effectively.
For example, Maushold has low HP like other basic Pokémon, the scatter attack requires three energy to use, and it can be difficult to get four Maushold on the field at once.
To mitigate these challenges, it's important to use compact energy sources like Reversal Energy or Double Turbo Energy, and to focus on cards that can help you establish and recover your board presence.



We have a Pokémon with a new ability that triggers "when it is brought into play," which is unusual as many abilities trigger on evolution or coin flips. This Pokémon is called "Weavile"
As long as Weavile is on the field, its ability can be used every turn, allowing it to continually lock down the opponent's Pokémon or hunt down Pokémon like Lumineon V or Squawkabilly ex with Echoing Horn.
Interestingly, the ability still triggers even if Weavile is played after one of your own Pokémon is knocked out by your opponent's attack.
However, a challenge with using Weavile is that you need to bring it onto the field and then remove it before the turn ends, as the ability will not trigger if it's still in play at the end of the turn. Switching cards are a must-have, and the best option might be the Jet Energy card as it allows for retreat as well. It's also important to note that if Weavile is knocked out, its ability won't trigger again until it's brought back into play.



It has a simple ability that can accelerate Therapy Energy. Combining this with Snorlax, which works well with Therapy Energy.
Double Colorless Energy can provide Energy without needing Archeops. I
t's not that Wigglytuff is strong, but rather Therapy Energy and Snorlax are strong. However, just having a dedicated support Pokémon is valuable enough.



Garganacl has an ability that allows it to heal twice as much when checked for Pokemon between the opponent's turns, which can lead to an incredible durability of 120 HP recovered per turn with three Garganacl in play.
This makes it difficult for Lost Mine decks to defeat it with just Lost Zone effects. However, its attacks are not very efficient in terms of cost-effectiveness, so it may be better to use other Pokemon for attacking. Additionally, its evolution line includes two stages, so setting it up on the board can be challenging. Depending on future card releases, Garganacl could become a very powerful Pokemon.

“Forretress EX”

Forretress EX
This is a Pokémon that stands out among the other EX cards. It has a self-destruct move and an energy acceleration ability. Until now, there were only Gardenia’s Vigor and Cherrim for grass energy acceleration, but thanks to Forretress EX, there are now more flexible decks available.
The new expansion's Wo-Chien EX has a move that increases in power as the opponent advances their side, making it a perfect match for Forretress EX. There are also other non-EX Torterra squads that can be utilized for deck strategies such as Trevenant V + Lono to thin out the hand.
It is not necessary for the acceleration target to be a grass type, so it can also be utilized with engines like Regidrago V-STAR. While there is a drawback of revealing one's side to the opponent, it can easily be turned into a benefit by using Lono to interfere with the opponent's hand.
Upon closer examination, it seems strong to immediately explode two Pokémon before the opponent's side can be built up, and to reduce the opponent's hand with Lono. Forretress EX's move is also excellent, dealing 120 damage for two energy, making it sufficient to take down Lost Mine and Ting-lu ex and the -30 armor that it receives makes it possible to take up to 300 damage before exploding. It is a versatile Pokémon that not only provides support, but also has attacking moves, making it capable of a wider range of strategies.


The cards introduced this time have a strong power that can become the backbone of a deck, but they also have many unique characteristics. Although the new archetype's construction is not yet established, I expect it to gradually gain more shares in the future. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of deck will be successful in CL Niigata.
That's all for this time!