【Pokemon card】Extra regulation


Hello everyone, it's Takeru Yamano.

I participated in the Extra Regulation tournament and suffered a crushing defeat. However, I practiced a lot for the tournament and studied the Extra meta decks thoroughly.
Unfortunately, it seems that there won't be any large Extra tournaments for a while, and the tournaments that are being held are only on Extra Battle days. So, I would like to introduce some environment decks to liven up the Extra scene, and this will also serve as a research presentation.
Since there are many deck types, I will split the presentation into two parts, the first and the second half.

“Regidrago VSTAR”

“Regidrago VSTAR”

When it comes to Extra decks, this is the one to talk about.
There are many powerful Dragon-type Pokémon with moves that do not anticipate having their Energy crushed in Extra. The biggest strength of Regidrago VSTAR is being able to send all of these Pokémon to the Trash and then select and attack as you please.
The Pokémon that can be used as move machines include Mega Rayquaza EX/Mega Charizard EX, which deal an easy 300 damage, Dialga GX, which can skip time with its GX move, which locks down Items. Other representative Pokémon that can be chosen for their ability to lock down Special Energy are Noivern GX and the Standard-legal, impenetrable Jade region Goodra VSTAR.

Extra also features cards that are so powerful that Energy and Trainers that were once unimaginably strong are now nothing in comparison.
For example, Double Dragon Energy, which is limited to Dragon types, becomes the equivalent of two Energy cards in all colors.
Even if you can't use Dragon Rush because you can't draw Double Dragon Energy, Battle Compressor, or Support cards, Regidrago VSTAR has another strength: Legacy Star. With this ability built in, you can retrieve any card you like, making it quite reliable. Use Legacy Star to tidy up the board with Timeless GX, then finish the game by deploying Garbodor to stop your opponent's ability.
While few people include it, I like to use Dragonite in this deck. You can raise the following Regidrago while attacking, which helps conserve Timeless GX. This is a recommended deck for anyone who wants to fully experience the explosive power of Extra.

“Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX”

Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX

Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX was the strongest deck before the emergence of the Regidrago VSTAR deck. Of course, it is still a very strong deck today.
In Standard format Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX deck is considered difficult to use because it takes several turns to accumulate energy.
However, in Expanded format, there are many powerful Pokémon that can buy time. These include Wobbuffet, which can stop an opponent's abilities just by being on the field, Mimikyu & Gengar GX, which can completely immobilize opponents while also drawing cards, and Alolan Muk, which can eliminate the abilities of opponents' basic Pokémon just by being on the bench.
This deck slows down the opponent's play and then uses various Pokémon search cards to line up multiple Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX on the field.
Recently, the deck has become even more stable with cards like Shining Mewtwo GX.
Another strength of this deck is its ability to use Trevenant & Dusknoir GX to reduce the opponent's hand to zero cards after a Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX is knocked out. Even if the opponent dominates the field early on, this deck can turn things around by using Night Watcher to attack while locking down the opponent's field with stadiums.
This deck is recommended for people who enjoy strategizing.

“Lugia VSTAR"


Lugia is currently the strongest deck in the Pokemon Trading Card Game.
It won the championship in the Aichi CL tournament and was used by 5 out of the top 8 players.
This deck is also considered Tier 1 in Standard format. It revolves around powerful dragon-type Pokemon, such as "Garchomp & Giratina GX" and "Garchomp V", but its main strength comes from its ability to quickly set up two "Arceus"
This deck is also relatively easy to build, with most of its extra parts being commonly used cards. If you enjoy using "Luigia VSTAR" in the Standard format, you should definitely give it a try in the Extra format as well.

“Wall Stall”

Wall Stall

Wall Stall is a deck that won last year's CL Extra tournament.
It is one of the types of "LO" decks, which aim to win by running the opponent out of cards rather than side decking.
Wall Stall, also known as Stall, is a type of LO deck that revolves around the Pokemon Snorlax.
The deck uses cards like Crushing Hammer and Guzma to disrupt the opponent's plays, while also preventing them from retreating with support Pokemon like Dedenne GX.
The strategy is to create a board state where the opponent is unable to attack due to the presence of a Regirock with the ancient trait Ω Barrier.
As a backup plan against opponents who don't put out support Pokemon, the deck can use Pokemon like Lillie's Clefairy Doll and Substitute Doll to keep a Pokemon on the bench without losing a side card. The deck also uses tanky Pokemon like Altaria, Alolan Persian GX, and Melmetal & Lucario GX to fortify the board.
One of the strengths of this deck is that it can create a board state that is almost impossible for the opponent to break through without attacking, as it doesn't rely heavily on energy cards. Despite the fact that many of its cards have been banned, it is still a viable deck. If you like control-based strategies, this is the deck for you.

“Tsareena V”

Tsareena V

Tsareena V is a deck type that placed second in the Aichi CL tournament.

The deck uses Sky Field to expand the bench to eight Pokemon, which increases the power of Queen's Command.
It has access to Pokemon like Exeggcute and Giratina that can return from the discard pile, ensuring a stable supply of resources.
The deck is a fast deck that starts attacking on the second turn and wins by taking additional side cards with cards like Empty Seal Stone and Jirachi.
The deck can accommodate many support Pokemon, making it stable and reliable.
The deck has been around for a while, but it was re-evaluated due to the increased speed provided by Empty Seal Stone.
It works well in an environment with VSTAR and VMAX.
The deck's stability is utilized by using Duskull to attack with Tsareena.
It's an interesting concept deck that uses "Hitodama Shin Ka(Spiritborne Evolution)"
This deck is recommended for people who like fast decks.



The above-mentioned decks are currently at the center of the current metagame. Previously, there were various decks in a chaotic environment, but now, the decks I introduced have such a wide range of movements that other decks cannot keep up and are being eliminated.
However, there are still many other decks, including those with unconventional moves unique to the Extra format and those found in the Standard format, so in the next part, I will introduce them.